Body Shop Direct

Thanks to Body Shop Direct, SSQauto’s insureds will be informed by text message or email after each step of their vehicle’s repairs is completed.

In a single click, you will have access to your client account which presents plenty of useful information (possible delays, information about your repair shop, photos of your vehicle at each step, vehicle delivery date, etc.). You can even share the photos of your vehicle on Facebook!

Logging in has never been easier! Go to, then use your telephone number to connect to your client account. Once you're logged in, you can consult your account, change your notification preferences, view your photos, and more.

For more information about Body Shop Direct, consult our "Questions and Answers" section below or contact me.

Questions and Answers

General Questions

I don't know a lot about computers. Is Body Shop Direct easy to use?

Of course! Here's how to proceed:
  • Go to
  • Use your telephone number to connect to your client account.
  • Once you've accessed your client account, choose your notification preferences (text message, email or none) by clicking on "Notification Preferences". Please note that you can change your preferencesat any time during the repair process.
  • You will receive an alert at each step of your vehicle repair. For most of these steps, you may track the progress of the repairs by looking at the photos of your vehicle that are posted in your account.
  • If you wish, you may share the photos of your vehicle on Facebook or send them to your family and friends by clicking on "Share your photos on Facebook" or on "Send your photos to a friend".

Can I still take advantage of Body Shop Direct if I choose my own repair shop?

Yes, as long as this shop is part of our provincial network of recommended partners. Find out from one of our claim adjusters which of the repair shops in our network is closest to you.

When will I be able to access my client account after an auto claim?

As soon as the body shop you bring your car to has opened your file. You will be given a few documents to guide you during the repair process.

Do I have to use the Body Shop Direct service following a claim with SSQauto?

No. We offer the service, but it is up to you to decide whether or not to use it. However, Body Shop Direct offers lots of useful information (steps of the repairs that have been completed, possible delays, delivery date of vehicle and more). As such, you could avoid having to call your repair shop or your insurer for updates. Find out more from one of our claim adjusters.

Are any fees charged for the use of Body Shop Direct?

This service is offered to SSQauto’s insureds at no additional cost. However, standard fees for text messages and data transfers may apply. Contact your wi-fi or cellular phone service provider to find out the provisions of your contract.

Is my personal information secure when I use Body Shop Direct?

Absolutely! No personal information is posted on this portal, except for the telephone number and email address you provided to your repair shop. Also, no transactions may be carried out using Body Shop Direct, it is an information Web site only.

Once the repairs are complete and I have retrieved my vehicle, what happens to my client file?

Once you have retrieved your vehicle, your client file remains accessible for 60 days.

How often is my account updated?

Your account is updated after each of the 10 repair steps.
  1. Estimate
  2. SSQauto approval
  3. Disassembly
  4. Order parts
  5. Structural repair
  6. Body repair
  7. Painting
  8. Reassembly
  9. Detailing
  10. Ready for delivery

You will receive an email or a text message (according to your follow-up preferences) informing you that one of these 10 steps has been completed.

Please note that for certain steps, there may not be any photos available (e.g. order for parts).

An alert has informed me that my vehicle is ready for delivery. Do I have to make an appointment with the shop?

If it hasn't already done so, the repair shop will contact you to arrange a time for you to go pick up your vehicle.

Technical Questions

How can I access my Body Shop Direct online client account?

Click on the link that was sent to you by text message or email (depending on your notification preferences) or at any time, go to

How can I change my notification preferences?

First, you must connect to Body Shop Direct (using your telephone number or the link received by text message or email) and click on "Notification preferences" in the column to the left of your client account.

How can I share the photos of my vehicle on Facebook?

First, you must connect to Body Shop Direct (using your telephone number or the link received by text message or email) and click on "Share your photos on Facebook" in the column to the left of your client account.

I have received an alert informing me of an update made to my account, but no photo appears. Is this normal?

For some of the 10 repair steps, no photo is provided (e.g. order parts). However, if you are experiencing technical difficulties, you may contact AutoWatch technical support at 1-877-977-6473 or by email at

Who may I call to get technical support?

Call AutoWatch technical support at 1-877-977-6473.