Did you know?

An unfortunate incident can happen quickly and its consequences can be disastrous. Here are some tips to help you in your daily life.

a preventive driving lesson allows you to lower your auto insurance premium?

Benefit from theory and hands-on training from Mirabel ICAR Driving Academy’s professional drivers.

Under their supervision, you can learn to handle a vehicle in emergency situations, develop preventive and safe driving techniques on a closed track, and acquire good driving reflexes.

a thief only needs a few seconds to rob your vehicle?

We recommend never leaving your car running unattended, even for a slight moment. A thief only needs a few seconds to rob your vehicle.

When you park your vehicle, close all windows, lock your doors and take the keys with you. Don’t leave any personal documents in the vehicle such as your driver’s license or registration certificate. Lastly, place all packages and purchases in the trunk away from sight.

keeping information from your insurer may be costly?

If you omit giving information to your insurer in order to pay less, you might not get compensated at the time of loss, or only get a partial payment. Please refer to our Web site in order to find out how you can save on your auto or home insurance premiums.

smoke detectors have a limited life span?

The life span of a smoke detector is approximately ten years. Therefore, it is important to change them every decade. It is also important to avoid having paint or dust build up on the smoke detectors to avoid damaging them. Make sure to have a functional smoke detector installed on every floor of your home. And please remember to check the batteries every six months.

there are many tricks to keep thieves away while you’re not home?

If you are away from your home for an extended period, you should take necessary precautions in order to protect your home against thieves. Accumulated mail or a home insufficiently lighted for a long period of time sends a signal of nonattendance to thieves. Leaving the outdoor or indoor lights turned on all day also reveals your absence to thieves. Lastly, ask a neighbour to pick up your mail or get a friend to visit your place regularly as a precaution.

water is responsible for a large number of incidents?

Remember to close the taps of your washer after use. You’ll reduce the pressure in the connecting hoses and avoid possible water damage. Is your water heater more than ten years old? Beware; it may be time to change it before an unfortunate water incident happens! Make sure your roof is in good order. Water can seep in easily when roof shingles move or detach.

you can easily maintain your chimney to reduce fire risk?

You should get your chimney inspected and cleaned at least once a year. During extensive use, the cleaning frequency should be increased accordingly. We also suggest that you empty the ashes of your stove or fireplace frequently, place them in a covered metal container and store them in a safe place away from the building’s walls. Ashes can stay warm for 72 hours and their spark can easily ignite a fire.

you have to inform your insurer if you are involved in an accident even if you choose not to make a claim?

Even if you do not declare a minor accident to your insurer, it is possible that the other motorist will. In this case, the incident will be entered in your file at the Automobile Claims Database. Therefore, it is preferable to notify your insurer so that your version of the facts is noted to your file with a mention that no indemnity was paid.

you must be extra careful with a Christmas tree?

If you’re planning on putting up a real Christmas tree in your home during the holidays, make sure to place your tree away from a heating source. Be certain to water your natural tree enough to cover the stem. Use non-combustible decorations and turn off the Christmas lights when you are away from home.